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Automation window production.
Proposal for suppliers of materials (Profile, fixtures ...)


The company MI-Soft offers a program for IT Okna Konstruktor (start version)..


1. Calculation of windows and doors, a full functional CAD system IT Okna.

2. Downloading settings from the database vendor, the possibility of adjusting the settings customer.

3. Printing documents for the customer - by, the contract, the opportunity to enter their own documents (the possibility of setting 3 documents).

4. Printing documents for the production - the size of billet profile with corners cut and reinforcement of the account specification.

5. Personalization of the program, using the elements of your corporate identity (logos, contact information ...).

6. A flexible system of discounts depending on the volume of deliveries.

7. Sending applications electronically.

8. Docking with the accounting systems supplier.

Download video programs.

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